G-AIYN  Armstrong Whitworth AW.55 Apollo      (c/n  AW.3137)


                                     The Apollo was built to the same Brabazon Committee Type II civil transport spec  (C.14/46)
                                     as the Viscount.   Unfortunately teething problems with its Armstrong Siddeley Mamba turbo-
                                     props proved to be its undoing and any hopes of quantity production were dashed by the immed-
                                     iate success of its rival, the Vickers Viscount.   The two shots on this page show the machine as
                                     it first appeared in 1950, and (below) as re-liveried for the 1952 Farnborough Air Show.  Two
                                     prototypes were built, the other bearing the military serial VX224.  Both were scrapped in 1954.