G-ABCF  Avro 616 Avian IVA                        (c/n  R3/CN/467)


                                      This Avian was specially modified with long range fuel tanks for Charles Kingsford Smith to partici-
                                      pate in a race for light aircraft between England and Australia.  Smith named the machine 'Southern
                                      Cross Junior
' and departed Heston on 9 October 1930.          He made 10 intermediate stops and
                                      arrived in Darwin on 19 October, thus easily beating Bert Hinkler's record.   Upon reaching Australia
                                      a controlling interest in the aircraft was acquired by  Mr., Albert E. James who planned a flight from
                                      Australia to Japan with it in 1931.  The pilot was to be a Mr. Guy Menzies.        For that purpose de
                                      Havilland's in Australia fitted it with floats as seen in the photo above from the Fairfax archives (via
                                      the National Library of Australia).      In the event it appears that Menzies pre-empted James' careful
                                      planning for this flight and (without James' knowledge or consent) attempted the first solo flight across
                                      the Tasman Sea to New Zealand with it.      I suspect that it was (surreptitiously?) re-converted back
                                      to a wheeled u/c for this attempt.   For more on this story see my entry under  VH-UPT .