CC-CLDE  Douglas DC-6B                        (c/n   45514)


                                     In 1955 LAN Chile began expanding its services internationally.  To do this it needed longer
                                     range aircraft, and a fleet of seven DC-6Bs was acquired new from the manufacturer.  Routes
                                     were opened to Lima, Panama City and Miami.    CC-CLDE was re-registered CC-CCH in
                                    1959.   (See my dissertation on the four letter suffixes in the entry for the DC-3 CC-CLDP).
                                     After a spell with LADECO this DC-6B was withdrawn from use and stored at Santiago-
                                     Los Cerrilos until 1979 when it passed to Cia de Renta la Portena as CC-PJD.  Shortly after-
                                     ward it came back stateside as N843TA in 1980.   By 1994 it was flying out of Panama with
                                     Transoceanica de Aviacion as HK-3892X who withdrew it from service the following year.