VT-DUP  Douglas DC-3                                     (c/n  26057)


                                  This shot of a DC-3 seems to indicate it was undergoing major maintenance but it was, I believe,
                                  in the process of being scrapped.     A former C-47B-5-DK (43-48796) it had been civilianized
                                  for Pan American as NC79009.  It was then sold to Middle East Airlines as LR-ABB, (later re-
                                  registered OD-ABB) before going to Jordan and was then acquired by The Hindu* newspaper in
                                  the late 1950s.  The above shot, by Jimmy Wadia, is from the John Havers collection.  
                                 *  The (English-language) Hindu newspaper has been published in Madras (now Chennai) since