VT-AGP   Miles M.4A  Merlin                                          (c/n  141)


                                      A not very good, but nevertheless rare, shot of half the production of Miles Merlins.  Yes, that's
                                      right, only four were built., two of which went to India (the one nearest the camera is VT-AHC)
                                      and one to Australia (VH-UXN).  Odd that VT-AHC has a different cabin window layout.  Both
                                      were operated by Tata Sons on mail and passenger routes from Bombay to Bellary and Madras.
                                      Yes, I know these cities have been renamed by now, but it would be historically incorrect to state
                                      that Tata Sons served Mumbai and Chennai (as some historians - Indian, of course - insist). 
                                      Incidentally, since the "V" of "VT-" has definite colonial connotations, I wonder why India didn't
                                      insist on changing it to 8T- or something, when number-letter regos became fashionable?