CR-AAX  Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra                         (c/n  1508)


                                      Divisao de Exploracao dos Transportes Aereos (DETA) of Beira*, Mozambique operated three
                                      Lockheed 14s.  (The other two were CR-AAV and CR-AAZ)    This rare image comes from the
                                      Mike Gormly collection.   (Mike's father worked in Southern Africa in the early 1940s).  CR-AAX
                                      crashed at Inhambane in November 1941 although was not stricken from the Portuguese East
                                      African register until 1952 (possibly they were hoping it could be rebuilt).      See the entry on
                                      CR-AAZ for a potted history of DETA.

                                      * Oddly, the name of the city of Beira was not changed following the independence of Mozambique
                                      from Portugal in 1975.   Normally, the first things the 'liberators' do is rename all the cities, streets,
                                      etc.  After they've done that most independent countries then go completely to pot...............