CR-AAZ  Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra                           (c/n  1511)


                                      According to Lockheed, this aircraft is reputed to be CR-AAZ.  That being the case, it would have
                                      been the last civil Lockheed Model 14 built.   DETA had two others in the immediate post WW II
                                      period:  CR-AAV and CR-AAX (c/ns 1507 and 1508  respectively).   The Divisao de Exploracao
                                      dos Transportes Aereos (DETA) was formed in 1937 to provide air transport within Portuguese
                                      East Africa.  Its initial fleet comprised of D.H.Hornet Moths and Dragonflies.  These were replaced
                                      in 1939 with three Ju 52/3mWs.  The Lockheed 14s were delivered in 1940.  Three DC-3s were
                                      added in 1946.   The airline flew principally from Lourenco Marques to Johannesburg, South Africa
                                      and to Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.    I have recently (August 2009) received some historic images
                                      seen below from Mike Gormly.     His father worked in South Africa and Mozambique in those pre-
                                      war years.   These show CR-AAZ being delivered "off the boat", along with a shot of some worthies
                                      (none of whom, Mike adds, resembles his dad) standing alongside the finished product.