CF-IZS   Colonial C-1 Skimmer                     (c/n  4)


                                           The Colonial Skimmer was the progenitor of the Lake series of amphibians.   Only 42 Skimmers
                                           were built and no fewer than eight eventually found their north of the border.  CF-IZS and CF-IZT
                                           were imported new.   The aircraft was designed by David B. Thurston and Herbert P Lindbad who
                                           had been engineers working for Grumman on both the Goose and Widgeon amphibian twins. They
                                           also worked on the G-65 Tadpole, a single engine two-seater which superficially resembled the
                                           Skimmer. When the Tadpole project got scrapped at Grumman they set up shop for themselves
                                           as the Colonial Aircraft Company.    This shot was taken at Vancouver on 4 July 1959.  CF-IZS
                                           was later lost in an accident.  Date and venue unknown.