CF-CUJ  Douglas DC-4                            (c/n  27261)


                                                    In the early 1950s, Canadian Pacific found themselves in a bit of a capacity crunch and to
                                                    alleviate this a small fleet of DC-4s was acquired.   This particular machine is unique in that
                                                    it was the first post war C-54 to be converted by Douglas at Santa Monica into full civilian
                                                    standard.  A C-54E-1-DO, it was delivered to the USAAF as 43-9035 in February, 1945.
                                                    It went to Pan American as N88882 and was later named "Cllipper Malay" although at the
                                                    time it left the Douglas plant it merely was inscribed "Pan American Clipper".  It went to
                                                    Maritime Central Airways after its service with CPAL, becoming CF-MCI.  By 1963 it was
                                                    flying with Eastern Provincial Airways and finally went to Nordair in 1965.  It was withdrawn
                                                    from use in 1968.