Pan American Airways Douglas DC-4  NX88882         (c/n  27261)


                                        Interesting shot of a Pan American World Airways Douglas DC-4.   This aircraft is actually the
                                        first post WW II conversion done by Douglas from C-54 configuration to civilian DC-4 status.late
                                        in 1945, (hence NX licence).  It was built as a C-54E-1-DO, USAAF serial 44-9035.  Although
                                        it is wearing the registration NX8888 it should be NX88882 .  Possibly the painter had gone off to
                                        lunch when the photographer took the opportunity to take this shot!  Note Grumman Widgeon in
                                        right background.  It was later named "Clipper Malay" and was used on the trans-Pacific routes in
                                        946-47.   It was sold to Canadian Pacific Airlines in 1951 as CF-CUJ.