Ryan PT-22 Recruit  NC52458                           (c/n1394)


                                           As stated under the PT-20, the USAAC had Ryan fit the original STA model with a 5 cylinder
                                          160 hp Kinner R-540-1 resulting in the rather ugly looking craft seen above in this 1940s shot
                                           by Leo J. Kohn.    This aircraft was formerly 41-15365 and was written off in a crash in 1948.
                                           Some owners, like that of  N56209 below, tried to clean the design up a bit by cowling the
                                           cylinders.........not exactly helmuted cowling;  more like tubes, I would say.  Anyway, this
                                           machine was c/n 2234 and was 41-21025 whilst a PT-22 with the Army Air Corps  It is still
                                           registered and is still in the San Francisco Bay area.  The image below is a Bill Larkins shot, taken
                                           at Concord Airport in the late 1940s.    For additional shots of the PT-22 as the civilianized
                                          ST3KR, see my entry under the Classics sectiuon.