Ryan PT-20    N47080            (c/n  1391)


                                                       This is not a true PT-20, but is, in fact, a Ryan ST-3KR that has been re-engined with a Ranger
                                                       6-410.   This photograph was taken at Santa Paula Airport, Southern California, in 2001. When
                                                       the USAAC evaluated the sleek Ryan ST-A monoplane in 1939 they decided that the original
                                                       Menasco in-line engine wasn't robust enough for the ham-fisted efforts of aviation cadets and
                                                       opted, instead, to produce the ugly 5 cylinder Kinner engined variety known as the PT-22. While,
                                                       therefore, the Army Air Corps only operated 30 true PT-20s, several STAs were delivered to
                                                       other air arms, including the Dutch East Indies Air Force.  Many of the later wound up on the
                                                       Australian ciuvil register, and my shot of VH-AGW is typical of them.