VH-AGW  Ryan STM                      (c/n  465)

                                  This Ryan is still flying (at Tyabb, Victoria) and is now resplendent in its old Netherlands East
                                  Indies Navy markings as S-29.  Its RAAF serial was A50-22.  This shot was taken at Moorabbin
                                  in the mid-1950s.  Like many Ryan STMs, somewhere along the way, VH-AGW had its original
                                  Menasco engine changed out for a Lycoming.   By the time the photo below (via Geoff Goodall)
                                  was taken at Horsham, Victoria in March 1965, it had acquired a black anti-glare panel.  The
                                  nice air-to-ar shot of it at the foot of the page is from the Mac Job collection was taken in February
                                  1979  showing it with VH-AGR. For  more recent photographs of -AGW, including a series where
                                  the aircraft was converted to a single-seater, go to:    http://www.adf-gallery.com.au/gallery/Ryan-A50-22