Transwest Air Express  Douglas DC-3  N300ZZ                   (c/n  9833)


                                         This company seemed to have taken over the operation of Air Charter West (formerly Zoom Zoom
                                         Air), hence the 'ZZ' suffix on the rego of this DC-3, seen at Oakland in 1980 by Bill Larkins.  It flew
                                         cargo charter services evidently from 1977 until about 1979 with several DC-3s.  .    N300ZZ was
                                         rebuilt around 1978 using parts from another C-47A, c/n 25371, ex N8GR, ex CF-BKT, ex RCAF
                                         12955.    It was probably up for sale when Bill's photo was taken.  It looked then to have been in
                                         good shape but appears to have been scrapped in Haiti in the 1980s.