Air Charter West  Douglas DC-3  N100ZZ                      (c/n 25485)


                                        This company does not really fall into the true 'non-sked', or Supplemental Carrier realm which really
                                        ended in the 1960s, since it was not founded until 1973.  Bill Larkins took the above shot, and Ellis
                                        Chernoff the color one below, both at Oakland in 1977.  The outfit began charter airfreight operations
                                        as Zoom Zoom Air in Oakland in 1973 and operated three DC-3s, two of which were ex-RCAF. 
                                        It was renamed Air Charter West (more business-like) in 1975 although by 1977 it was out of operation.
                                        N100ZZ above (ZZ for Zoom Zoom) was an ex C-47A-30-DK which went to the RAF as Dakota IV
                                        KG808 and later to the RCAF as 12947.    Civilianized in the 1950s as CF-BKY it was sold south
                                        of the border as N74139 before going to Zoom Zoom. .  It later became N982Z for the Remote Area
                                        Medical Volunteer Corps based at Knoxville, Tennessee.       N300ZZ below went to Transwest Air
                                        Express (which I think was probably a re-organized Air Charter West) and its history is covered there.
                                        Douglas DC-3  N300ZZ              (c/n 9833)