Standard Airways   Douglas DC-4  N88706                          (c/n  10297)


                                         Standard Airways, not to be confused with Standard Air Lines of 1948, began operations as
                                         Standard Air Cargo in 1946 in San Diego (qv on link)     The name was changed to Standard
                                         Airways in 1953 when Frank B. Lynott took over the operation.     It began with cargo and
                                         passenger charter flights and grew into a low fare irregularly scheduled operation primarily
                                         between San Diego, Oakland and Hawaii.  These were known as its 'Pink Cloud'  flights.
                                         In 1966 it moved to Seattle.  In addition to DC-4s, it has owned or leased over the years,
                                         the following types of equipment:   DC-3, CV-440, DC-6, DC-7, L-049, L-1049,  DC-9
                                         and Boeing 720.      The company ceased operations on 24 September 1969.
                                         N88706 was a originally civlianized as an Eastern Air Lines machine in 1946.     Standard
                                         acquired it in 1960 and in 1961 had it re-registered N188S.        It was later operated by
                                         Zantop Air Transport and destroyed by fire on 30 June 1964.