Sourdough Air Transport  Vurtiss C-46  N95451                (c/n 441)


                                       As its name suggests, this charter outfit operated primarily within the Territory (as it was then) of
                                       Alaska.  Founded in 1953 at Fairbanks, it continued until around 1962.  It had a modest fleet of
                                       two C-46s, one DC-3 and one DC-4.  N95451 above was photographed at Oakland in May
                                       1953 by Bill Larkins.  A close up of the tail appears below.   This C-46 had been acquired from
                                       Arnold Air Service, and before that it was with Westair Transport, as seen in Bill's shot of it in
                                       that identity.    Later in its career this C-46 went to Canada as CH-IHX and finalkly wound up
                                       in Venezuela as YV-C-LBH.  It was damaged beyond repair aftert ground looping at Carora,
                                       Lara, Venezuela on 2 November 1962.