Resort Airlines   Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation  N102R     (c/n  4824)


                                         Like California Eastern Aviation, Resort Airlines acquired two Lockheed L-1049H aircraft in 1957
                                         and then, almost immediately, leased them out, to TWA.   In the event, both N101R and N102R
                                         were eventually sold to Cal Eastern, who continued the leases to TWA.    Were there some tax
                                         advantages to Hughes Tool Co (owner of TWA) to lease these Connies?  Was it one of Howard's
                                         financial shenanigans?     Whatever, both Resort's L-1049Hs were painted up in their livery, so it
                                         is possible they used them on contracts from their delivery date in May 1957 until  heir lease to
                                         TWA in August of that year.  Both these shots taken at Oakland in 1957.  . N101R incidentally
                                         crashed near Chicago Midway Airport on 24 November 1959 while on a freighter flight.  Approx-
                                         imately one minute after takeoff from Midway a fire warning forced the crew to shut down the
                                         number 2 engine.    The flight was cleared to return to land.   However, during the VFR approach
                                         below low overcast, the aircraft struck a house then struck four other buildings and crashed in flames,
                                         killing the crew of three.   N101R was broken up in Miami in 1973.
                                          Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation  N101R     (c/n  4818)