California Eastern Aviation  Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation  N6532C   (c/n   4823)


                                          In 1957 California Eastern Aviation, by then a subsidiary of Land-Air Inc acquired five Super
                                          Connies new from Lockheed.  They appear not to have been flown by Cal Eastern themselves,
                                          however, but were leased out.  Three went, initially, to TWA and two to Transcontinental SA
                                          in Argentina.   Despite this, they did appear in California Eastern livery in mid 1957 as seen in
                                          the two shots here of N6532C (fleet number '932', above) and N6531C (fleet number '931',
                                          below) at Oakland.   Both passed to Dynalectron Corporation and then had varied careers.
                                          N6532C wound up with Balair Inc. of Miami in June 1970, and was seized by the Dade County
                                          Aviation Department as an asset to, I suspect, a bankruptcy.     N6531C ended its days when
                                          it was damaged beyond repair making an emergency landing at Guadaloupe in June 1975.
                                          I believe the nose of this machine was taken to France to exhibit in the Muse de L'
                                          Le Bourget

                                     Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation  N6531C     (c/n   4813)