Peninsular Air Transport   Curtiss C-46  N51738                           (c/n  32866)


Both images here by Bill Larkins at Oakland.  The above, of N51738 was in May of 1953 and gives
                                   no doubt as to the peninsular the airline was named after.  The nice color shot below of N4761C was
                                   taken in October 1952  .  
Peninsular had been formed  in 1946 and began by offering low cost irregular
                                   scheduled service between Miami and New York, Chicago, Detroit and Milwaukee.  It later developed
                                   mainly freight contracts to the west coast, using ex C-46s, C-47s and C-54s.  It had an association with
                                   Aero Coach, although by the end of 1955 was out of business.         N51738, an ex C-46D-10-CU
                                   (44-77470)  had had a colorful career and several owners before Peninsular acquired it, and it served
                                   for a while in Pakistan as AP-ADU.     It finished its career as CF-IHR when it overran the runway at
                                   DEW Line Site #28 in March 1956 whilst flying with World Wide Airways.   N4761C had originally
                                   been civilianized for Transandina Ecuador in 1948 as HC-SIA.  It came back to the US in 1948 for
                                   Wien Alaska Airlines and had a number of other owners before being acquired by Peninsular in Jan.
                                   1952.  It appears wearing South East Airlines titling elsewhere in this category.      It finally wound up
                                   with Lidca Columbia as HK-612 and was withdrawn from service in 1967.

                                  Curtiss C-46  N4761C              (c/n  30465)