Bellanca 14-19-3A  260A    N8876R                                      (c/n 4238)


                                    Bellancas have been produced (since 1951) by a bewildering number of 'take-over-the-design'
                                    corporate entities.  This publicity shot was obtained from International Aircraft Manufacturing Inc
                                    in 1966, the name under which Downer Aircraft Industries (itself a merger of Northern Aircraft
                                    and  American Aviation Corporation) had reorganized in 1964. The 14-19-3A was basically an
                                    updated 14-19-3 with a swept fin and rudder, and sans the ubiquitous trademark endplate fins of
                                    earlier Bellancas.   It also had squared off side windows.    Some 114 were built by International.
                                    The model 260 series ('B' and 'C' models were also produced) was eventually replaced by the
                                    Model 17-30 Viking 300 (q.v. next entry).   N8876R was active until 1999 when it was withdrawn
                                    from active use.