Waterman Airlines DC-4  NC33691                               (c/n 42915)


                                     Soon after its formation in 1946, Waterman Airlines acquired two DC-4sv Oddly, these aircraft
                                     were not ex C-54s, but were, in fact, brand new DC-4-1009s.   NC33691 seen above was
                                     delivered brand new on 27 June 1946 and the other, NC10201 was an ex-Western Air Lines
                                     aircraft sold after only one year's operation by the Los Angeles based carrier.  Waterman used
                                     the DC-4s on non-sked operations and 'air cruise' tours, as they called them from New York to
                                     Puerto Rico.  At least two charters were also flown to Europe and South Africa.   The parent
                                     Waterman Steamship Companies' logo appeared on the fin.  Waterman then purchased TWA's
                                     35% shareholding in TACA International Airlines and this DC-4 was 'trasferred' in 1947 to El
                                     Salvador as YS-52 (later YS-03).   NC10201 became YS-44.