YS-44  Douglas DC-4-1009                     (c/n  42904)


                                     As can clearly be seen, this image is from a postcard, and not a very good one at that.  Fortunately,
                                     the aircraft is carrying its c/n on the nose and hence turns out to be YS-44.  Tacky though it is, it is
                                     the only shot I have of a TACA International Airlines aircraft.   This DC-4 was a post war purpose-
                                     built DC-4 (i.e. not a converted C-54) and was originally Western Air Lines'  N10201.  They sold
                                     it whilst still virtually brand new to Waterman Airlines, a subsidiary of the Waterman Steamship Lines,
                                     who were a major shareholder of TACA.   It was transferred to TACA International in 1947.
                                     In 1961 it was re-registered YS-02C.