Star Airlines  Ford 5-AT-C    NC8419                            (c/n  58)


                                     Typical of the aircraft operated by Star Airlines was the rugged Ford Tri-Motor.  This particular
                                     machine was originally built for Northwest Airways and a photograph of it in that livery is shown
                                     on my entry for that airline. Star purchased it from Wien Alaska Airlines in the late 1930s, and it
                                     went on to service with Alaska Airlines.  This machine is now on display at the Kalamazoo Aviation
                                     History Museum.   The images on this page are from the archives of the Museum of Alaska Trans-
                                     portation and are presented here via the Lars Opland collection.  The shot below was taken in 1943
                                     at Fairbanks.  Evidentally the port engine quit on take off, causing the aircraft to ground loop, where-
                                     upon it nosed over.   Records indicate it was repaired using the port wing from NC8413.  (It is now
                                     part of the Kermit Weeks collection).

                                     Ford 5-AT-B  NC9651       (c/n   34)