Republic Airlines   Convair 580   N3430          (c/n   55)


                                              Two Convair 580s in variations of a theme.  Above, in the original North Central livery and below
                                              in a revised livery adopted in the early 1980s.  Both photos are by Mike Sparkman and were taken
                                              at Muscle Shoals, Alabama, above in 1981, below in 1984. For the early history of N3430 see my
                                              entry under Alaska Airlines.    When sold by Republic it went to Venezuela as YV-970C (probably
                                              as a freighter) and was later broken up.    In the shot below, N4805C is seen leaving Muscle Shoals,
                                              AL on its last Republic schedule out of that city in June of 1984.   The next day the service would be
                                              flown by code-sharing partner Republic Express (actually incorporated at Express Airlines).

                                             Republic Airlines  Convair 580  N4805C                 (c/n  60)