Pan American Airways  Sikorsky S-38-B   NC9776                    (c/n  114-3)


                                              Pan American's initial goals were to cover the entire Caribbean with air routes.  This venue, in
                                              fact, made an excellent proving ground for the development of its flying boats and amphibians. 
                                              The S-38 was placed into service in  October of 1928.  Pan Am, along with its subsidiary
                                              Panagra had no less than 38 of them.   This much-sparred, twin boom twin Pratt & Whitney
                                              Wasp powered machine was often referred to, uncharitably, as "a collection of spare parts flying
                                              together in formation".   Nevertheless it was very reliable, despite its looks and was instrumental
                                              in providing the nucleus of service the new airline demanded.  By 1929, Pan Am had moved its
                                              base of operations to Miami, where this shot was taken.