Pan American Airways  Boeing 707-121  N710PA          (c/n  17589)


                                        This is the aircraft which, quite literally, changed the way the public thought about air travel. 
                                        From the piston engined days when it was both expensive, noisy and time consuming, came the
                                        jets with their huge capacity, which were able to lower fares and deliver passengers across oceans
                                        in a fraction of the time and cost .  Jet travel became available for just about everybody.  Pan
                                        American was the launch customer for the Boeing 707 having ordered 20 (along with 25 Douglas
                                        DC-8s) off the drawing boards in 1955.  They were put into service in the fall of 1958, although it
                                        really wasn't  until the long range model (-321) became available that they were used for international
                                        services.. This shot of "Clipper America" was taken by John F. Ciesla at New York's JFK Airport
                                        in 1967, the aircraft originally having been delivered back in September of 1958.