Pacific Air Lines  Boeing 727-169     N2969G         (c/n  19304)


                                                 Pacific's entry into the jet world came in 1966 when they leased two Boeing 727s from the
                                                 manufacturer.   The operation was short lived under that name however, as Pacific Southwest
                                                 Airlines (PSA) with their cut rate fares were beginning to cut seriously into Pacific's profits.
                                                 And so, on 17 April 1968 Pacific Air Lines, Bonanza Air Lines and West Coast Airlines merged
                                                 to become Air West.  Since the new line had international routes (to Canada) President Johnson's,
                                                 in addition to CAB's, approval was required.   The chief shareholder of the new airline was Nick
                                                 Bez, former owner of West Coast (who desperately tried to buy out Pacific, but was denied doing
                                                 so by the CAB).  In the meantime, Howard Hughes, who had been forced out of TWA was
                                                 equally desperate to re-enter the airline-owning arena.  Following much legal wrangling, Bez sold
                                                 out to Howard Hughes and in 1969 Air West was renamed Hughes Air West.