Northeast Airlines Douglas DC-9-31     N983NE                       (c/n  47137)

                                     Another brilliant Bob Garrard photograph.  This DC-9 was shot at Miami International in August
                                     of 1972, and displays a small Delta Air Lines logo on the nose.  In the late 1960s and early 1970s
                                     it was clear that the airline would have to merge or go under (tantatmount to the same thing, actually).
                                     Northwest Airlines made a bid to acquire the smaller New England carrier, but the CAB refused to
                                     allow NEA's recently awarded Miami-Los Angleles route to go with the deal.  Northwest then with-
                                     drew the offer.  With Storer Broadcasting no longer in control (they got out in the early 1970s) NEA
                                     had no option but to accept Delta Air Lines offer to merge.  This took effect on 1 August 1972.
                                     This DC-9, along with most of the NEA fleet, passed to the Delta Air Lines asset register.   Thus
                                     the conservative Boston-based airline which had served Maine and New England faithfully for almost
                                     forty years passed into obscurity.