Delta Airlines Boeing 727-232 Advc  N504DA        (c/n  21306)


                                              Early in 1973 Delta put the first of their series 200 Boeing 727s in operation.   The B&W shot
                                              below was obtained from Delta (although is probably a Boeing Aircraft photograph), but the
                                              image above, taken by Robert M. Campbell at Nashville, Tennessee Metropolitan Airport in
                                              July of 1985 is so much nicer that I will give it the prime location on the page.  Eventually Delta
                                              possessed a huge fleet of these 727s (well over 100).  They are all gone now, of course, N504DA
                                              going to Indonesia's Merpati Nusantara Airlines as PK-MBW, whilst N453DA went to People
                                              Express Airlines in the 1980s becoming N512PE.   
                                              On 1 August 1972 Delta merged with Northeast Airlines and, in so doing, picked up more 727s,
                                              in addition to that company's DC-9s and Fairchild FH-227s.

                                                 N453DA   Boeing 727-232 Advc            (c/n  20635)