Mackey Airlines Douglas DC-6  N90713           (c/n  42879)


                                           This blurry image came from a post card obtained from Mackey in 1955.   N90713 was an ex-
                                           American Airlines machine built in 1947.  Mackey initially leased it from Fred B. Ayer and Assocs.
                                           and then purchased it in 1962.  On 1 Jan 1967, Mackey Airlines was acquired by Eastern Air Lines
                                           (more for their route into the Bahamas than the assets they owned).   At the time Mackey owned 5
                                           DC-6s.  These were non-standard to Eastern's fleet (they  had DC-7B's) and hence they were only
                                           retained for about eleven months and then sold off.   N90713 finally wound up at Schipol Airport,
                                           Amsterdam, and was broken up for spares after being purchased by Transavia Holland.
                                           Later in 1967 the Mackey name was resurrected into an airline known as Mackey International
                                           Airlines.  This survived until 1980 when it, too, ceased operations.