Hawaiian Airlines  Douglas DC-8-62  N1803    (c/n  45895)


                                             Following deregulation in 1978 and with the opening up of their mainland services, HAL, in the early
                                             1980s,  purchased ten DC-8-62s and -63s, mainly from Braniff and Alitalia.  This one was ex-Braniff
                                             and is the same aircraft I used as their representative type. This nice shot is by Frank C. Duarte Jr. and
                                             was taken at LAX's old West Imperial Terminal in January of 1986.   HAL, along with several other
                                             (mainly non-sked) carriers used a sort of "overflow" terminal on the south side of the field due to space
                                             constraints in the main terminal buildings.  (That site, incidentally, was a former bowling alley where I
                                             used to participate in the Western Air Lines league in the 1950s).