Eastern Air Lines  Douglas DC-4  N88707        (c/n    18378)


                                              As soon as the fighting ended in the Pacific, Eastern began to get back on its feet.   Along with most
                                              other trunk airlines it began acquiring ex-military C-54s.  Eastern's DC-4 conversions were outfitted
                                              with 68 seats initially.  The first service of a DC-4 under "The Great Silver Fleet" legend  (see image
                                              below) occurred on 2 April 1946 between New York and Miami.  Significantly. some 4 years later
                                              these aircraft would be converted into Air Coach configuration, with much denser seating arrange-
                                              ments.   Both N88707 above and sister ship NC88706 below were built as US Navy R5Ds. 
                                              Meanwhile, on 1 June 1956 Eastern merged with Colonial Airlines and three or four more DC-4s
                                              were added to the fleet as a result.
                                              Douglas DC-4  N88706      (c/n  10297)