Cordova Air Service  Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker    NC36M           (c/n  150)


                                           Cordova Air Service was founded in 1936 to provide air transportation from its base in Cordova,
                                           Alaska, to the Anchorage region.   A motley fleet of "bush' types was used, typical of which is this
                                           Bellanca Pacemaker seen above and below on floats and skis respectively.  The company purchas-
                                           ed Christensen Air Service on 1 March 1956, and at that time changed its title to Cordova Airlines.
                                           Cordova was itself absorbed into Alaska Airlines on 1 Feb1968.   Both images are from the archives
                                           of the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry and are shown here courtesy of the Lars
                                           Opland collection.