Continental Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-82   N802NY   (c/n  49222)


                                               When Frank Lorenzo merged New York Air into Continental early in 1987, the former carrier had a
                                               fleet of MD-82s which the "new" Continental assumed (see my dissertation on The First Bankruptcy
                                               on bottom of the DC-10-30 entry).   Initially they carried their old registrations such as the one above
                                               did, seen in a Frank C. Duarte shot taken at Lindbergh Field, San Diego, as it was holding short of
                                               runway 27 prior to departing in August of 1987, not long after the take-over.. N802NY would event-
                                               ually be re-registered into Continental's "16" range as N16802.    Continental would go on to acquire
                                               some 75 of these stretched DC-9 derivatives, including a few new machines and some MD-81s and
                                               MD-83s.   They are all gone now, but stayed around into the late 1990s so that most of them ended
                                               up sporting the "Globe" livery, as another of Frank's shots (below) shows.  This example was taken at
                                               Sky Harbor International, Phoenix in January of 2003.  Many of them are stored at various desert loca-
                                               tions.  This one is, ironically, at Phoenix's Goodyear Airport. although it was in scheduled service when
                                               Frank took this image.   From 2000 on, Continental became an "all-Boeing" airline.

                                              McDonnell Douglas MD-82  N34838    (c/n  49634)