Continental Airlines Boeing 747-143   N17010         (c/n   19729)


                                     By 1969 Continental gained access to the Honolulu market, and began expanding its trans-Pacific
                                     routes.  Experience was gained in this area through Viet-Nam war era contracts in transporting US
                                     military men and equipment across the Pacific.  The first Boeing 747 was delivered in 1970.
                                     Continental operated both the -100 and -200 series Jumbos.  They were withdrawn from service
                                     in 1999.  Both images on this page are by Frank C. Duarte Jr, and both were ex People Express
                                     aircraft, taken over when that carrier was absorbed into Continental in 1987.   N17010 above was
                                     captured at Frankfort Main (Rhein-Main Air Base), in Germany in December 1992.  At around that
                                     time Continental changed its livery completely.    Gone were the red or black meatballs and in their
                                     place a smart new global design. Frank's photo below, also taken at Frankfort Main (a few moinths
                                     later in July 1993) shows a series 200 machine in the new livery.

                                     Boeing 747-243B   N78020     (c/n    19731)