Continental Airlines  Boeing 737-724  N27722    (c/n  28789)


                                       Continental Airlines has continued to order the Boeing 737 over the past decade as their intermediate
                                       range airliner.   They now operate over 250 of them of various marques.  The series 700 seen above
                                       sports new Aviation Partners blended  winglets, designed to improve fuel burn rate, among other advant-
                                       ages.  This image is from the Art Brett - Photovation Images collection   and was taken at Newark Airport
                                       (now dubbed Liberty International) in June 2005. More of Art's work can be found at:
                                       The aircraft depicted below is the latest of the 737 derivatives, the series 900.  Any resemblance between
                                       this machine and the original short bodied series Boeing 737-130 is purely coincidental.  To all intents and
                                       purposes they are entirely different aircraft, sharing only the Boeing 737 name in common.   Ben Wang
                                       captured this one barreling out of LAX on its way back to its base in Houston recently (February 2006). 

                                        Boeing 737-924  N38403      (c/n  30120)