Colonial Airlines  Douglas DC-3-277C  N28323                        (c/n  2253)

                                              In October of 1939 Canadian Colonial Airways was taken over by a group of investors led by
                                              Sigmund Janas.  CCA had not been terribly aggressive in the marketplace and Janas resolved to
                                              change this.  Accordingly, on 1 May 1942, he changed the corporate name of the airline to
                                              Colonial Airlines and took steps to expand its route structure.    By 1945 the airline had been
                                              awarded a route from Washington to Montreal and in May 1946 one to Bermuda.  Meanwhile
                                              the fleet had expanded from four DC-3s in 1942 to over a dozen by 1948.      N28323 seen
                                              above in this image from the Mike Sparkman collection was an original American Airlines DC-3
                                              with the door on the starboard side.  Eastern sold it off after the merger to Caribbean Atlantic
                                              Airlines.   NC86592 seen below in this Colonial Airlines publicity shot was a former USAAF
                                              C-47A-1-DL (42-23300) which was sold to LADE in Argentine as LV-AGD before Eastern
                                              took over the airline.

                                             Colonial Airlines  Douglas DC-3  NC86592            (c/n  9162)