Capital Airlines Douglas DC-4   NC91069            (c/n  10363)


                                  Most Capital Airlines publicity shots were taken over the capital city.   This DC-4 is in the first livery
                                  adopted by the airline and is almost identical to that of the Pennsylvania-Central markings.  The nice
                                  shot below, also from Capital, shows the same machine circa 1951, in the revised livery (most notable
                                  change was the emblem) in almost the same area of air space.  It was carrying the name "Capitaliner
".  Shortly after PCA was renamed Capital Airlines the company commenced the first cut
                                  rate "coach class" service to be introduced in the United States by offering an off peak hours fare of
                                  $33.00 from New York to Chicago.  DC-4s were used on these "Nighthawk" services.   It was to be
                                  some four years later before other airlines responded with their own coach fares (lowering the price again
                                  by a small margin).   This DC-4 was destroyed in an accident whilst operating for a small charter outfit
                                  known as Mideastern Airways in 1970.