Pennsylvania-Central Airlines  Douglas DC-4  NX86557      (c/n  3119)


                                  In 1946 PCA acquired some 25 DC-4 Skymasters, and out them into operation on their high
                                  density traffic routes.   That's a lot of hardware.  I can only assume that the war time military
                                  contracts they had to provide regular air service between Washington, D.C. and Chicago, plus
                                  the US Navy Flight School it operated were quite lucrative.   The DC-4 above was built as a
                                  C-54-DO in 1942 (41-32944) and is seen wearing NX registration during a test flight prior to
                                   being commercially registered.  A portent of things to come is the fact that it is carrying "The
                                   Capital Airline" fuselage titling.  The airline officially changed its name to Capital Airlines in
                                   April 1948.