Braniff International Airways Boeing 707-227        N7072        (c/n 17692)


                                     N7072 was actually Braniff's first jet, since the true first one, N7071 was destroyed in a test
                                     flight crash before being delivered.  For more on this story visit the Braniff pages history at
                                     This shot was obtained from Braniff in 1960 although it is probably a Boeing photograph since
                                     it depicts the aircraft flying over Mt. Rainier in Washington state.  N7072 was delivered in December
                                     of 1959.  Braniff elected to wait four or five months for their jets in order to secure the faster dash
                                     200 series.   This aircraft was eventually sold to British West Indian Airways in 1971 (as 9Y-TDO)
                                     but not before succumbing to president and CEO Harding Lawrence's  'Flying Colors' treatment
                                     (see next entry for the Boeing 720).  It was repainted from the red, white and blue livery seen
                                     above to one of white wings and tail with light blue fuselage