Braniff International Airways  BAC-111        N1544          (c/n  18)


                                     'Braniff takes off ...................  with Flying Colors'  stated the publicity blurb on the brochure
                                     this shot came from.   For a disertation on the whys and wherefores of the pastel colors go to
                                     the entry on the Boeing 720.   When Harding L.Lawrence took over the reins at Braniff he
                                     cancelled the remaining BAC-111 orders after only fourteen of the aircraft had been delivered,
                                     despite the fact that the 90-pax One-Eleven was ideal for Braniff's short stages.  He also despised
                                     the airline's former livery (as shown on the previous illustration) and insisted that the BAC-111s
                                     became subject to the 'Flying Colors' treatment, as the orange N1544 above shows.  This
                                     was one of the aircraft purchased by Allegheny in 1972 (which became US Air in 1979).