American Airlines Douglas DC-3-G2-178   NC16019                  (c/n  1557)


                                              Around 1947 American changed its titling to "American Airlines" rather than "Flagship" (as seen on
                                              NC17336).  Here "Flagship Oklahoma" and crew pose for a shot at Dallas' Love Field in 1947.
                                              Then the creme of the fleet, as such it had a "state" Flagship name.  As newer aircraft came on-line
                                              (such as the DC-4, DC-6 etc) these latter types assumed the premium names and the DC-3s were
                                              renamed as cities, or merely as "Flagship" with no name.   In turn, when the Convair 240s usurped
                                              the DC-3s in 1948 they assumed the city names.