Air Express  Lockheed Vega 5C    N47M             (c/n  99)


Air Express Corporation was formed by Phillip H. Philbin of Denver to operate a fast transcontinental
                                         all-freight service in 1933-34 using primarily Lockheed Orions.  It also had this Vega with special high-
                                         speed wire-braced landing gear which was finished overall in silver with "Air Express" titling.  A demand-
                                          ing 16-17 hour coast-to-coast schedule was maintained for about 18 months and regularly transported
                                         California flowers to New York and eastern lobsters to L.A.    The company folded in 1934.  The Vega,
                                          in the meanwhile, gravitated to Seattle where it was fitted with floats (see below) and purchased at a
                                          sheriff's sale by Irving Airways for service in Alaska.  .  Both images via Lars Opland.