Aero Commuter  DHC-6 Twin Otter 200   N7670            (c/n  187)


                                       Aero Commuter was formed at Long Beach Municipal Airport in December of 1967.  It provided
                                       service to "The Airport in the Sky" on Catalina Island from Burbank, Long Beach, Los Angeles and
                                       Fullerton, more of less picking up where Avalon Air Transport/Catalina Airlines had left off.  The little
                                       airline expanded fairly rapidly in 1968 extending its service to Bakersfield, Palmdale and Apple Valley
                                       in the north to Santa Ana, Oceanside and San Diego in the south.   In 1969 it merged with Skymark,
                                       Cable Commuter and the original Golden West Airlines to form a newly incorporated Golden West
                                       Airlines.  This Twin Otter was absorbed into the Golden West fleet and was sold in 1972 to Territory
                                       Airlines in New Guinea as VH-GKR, three years later becoming P2-GKR when that nation received
                                       its own identification markings.