ZK-REX  Cessna 310B                                 (c/n  35654)


                                                This New Zealand registered 310 was seen at Cootamundra, NSW in 1959 by Ben Dannecker.
                                                It bore the name 'Binalong', while on demonstrations by Australian Cessna dealers Rex Aviation
                                                Ltd of Sydney.    It was originally N5454A, and departed San Francisco on 8 March 1958 on
                                                its ferry flight to New Zealand, flown by Rex Aviation founder Miles King.    It was registered to
                                                Rex NZ as ZK-REX, then to VH-REX in December 1958, returning to ZK-REX in March 1959. 
                                                One month later it was re-registered VH-REI to Rex Aviation, then sold to Royal Aero Club of
                                                NSW as VH-RSY.