ZK-CDV  Grumman G.73 Mallard                     (c/n  J13)


                                        This Mallard came from Australia late in 1963, where it had flown for TAA as VH-TGA..  It had
                                        a long and varied history both before and after becoming ZK-CDV*.  The above photograph, from
                                        the Geoff Goodall collection, was taken at Invercargill in November 1963 whilst it was owned by
                                        the Utah Construction & Mining Co of  Invercargill.   It had been ferried from Essendon the previous
                                        month to support a major building project at the Manapouri Power Station.   It made a total of 2,763
                                        flights for the project over the next 5 years, and carried a total of 13,536 passengers and 712 tons of
                                        freight. When the construction was completed, the Mallard was sold to Air Pacific, Fiji as VQ-FBC.

                                     *  Previous Identities:   CF-FFG;  PK-AKG,  JZ-PCB, VH-TGA
                                        Later Identities:        VQ-FBC,  N2442H,  C-GRZI, NC2950 (still current as such)