VH-UCC  Junkers A-50 Junior                                  (c/n 3517)


                                     This Junkers was imported in March of 1936 and registered to P.T. Parker of Warrnambool,
                                     Victoria.  Its CofA lapsed in August 1949 and, when renewed in June of 1951, the machine
                                     was sold to Fred Betts who kept it at Geelong's Belmont Common aerodrome. The photo
                                     above and immediately below are from the Aaron Betts collection. (Aaron is Fred's grandson).
                                     I am not sure of the significance of the name 'Rena', clearly seen in the image below.   When
                                     Fred sold it, the aircraft was brokered through Schutt Aircraft Sales at Moorabbin and was
                                     then a common sight at Bankstown in the mid 1950s.  (I saw it there in 1954).  It later went to
                                     a farm north of Sydney at Lower Portland, NSW where Brian Baker saw it (foot of the page)
                                     in the early 1960s.   Evidently the land had been overstrewn with power cables taking away the
                                     ability of the farmer to operate VH-UCC.   In the event the aircraft was later restored and be-
                                     came a flying advertisement for Cathay Pacific Airlines, registered VH-MRR.     Aaron advises
                                     that the machine has now, in fact, been returned to Germany.