VH-UYY  Stinson Model A   (c/n  9130)


                               This was the last of the four Stinson Model As acquired by Airlines of Australia in 1936. It was
                               named "City of Grafton"   It passed to Australian National Airways who renamed it "Tokana".
                               In 1943 it was converted to twin engined configuration by the installation of two 550 hp Pratt
                               & Whitney Wasp R1540s,  in lieu of the three 260 hp Lycomings (see VH-UKK for more on
                               this subject).   On 31 January 1945, when flying near Mia Mia, Victoria, the outer port wing broke
                               off due to structural failure. The resultant crash killed all on board.  Following this accident it was
                               decreed that all aircraft should henceforth be x-rayed for signs of cracks ansd structural weaknesses.
                               Below is a closer up, albeit cropped, shot of it from the Bruce Robinson collection, while the rare
                               color photo below that is from the archives of the Civil Aviation Historical Society (via Phil Vabre).