VH-UUY  B A Eagle Mk II                  (c/n 128)


                               The B A Eagle II three seat cabin monoplane was developed by the British Klemm Aeroplane
                               Co. in 1934, and taken over by the British Aircraft Manufacturing Company  in 1935.  The
                               above shot was taken in the doorway of Sid Marshall's hangar in 1953   Photos Nos. 2 and 3
                               below are from the Geoff Goodall collection and show (upper) -UUY at Bankstown some years
                               after my above photo was taken, and (lower) the aircraft out  to pasture at Bathurst, NSW in
                               July 1967 (it was scrapped soon after and parts of it were later used in the reconstruction of the
                               earlier British Klemm Bk.1 VH-UTI).   The nice color shot (No 4) is by Greg Banfield also at
                               Bathurst in February 1966, before deterioration had set in.        Finally, at the foot of the page
                               (Photo No 5) is a Goodall collection image of the Eagle in 1941 in camouflage and fin flash, as
                               dictated by DCA for the duration of the war.